December 2012 LMI Journal

The December issue includes the following articles:

  • Create Environment for Success, pages 1-2:  Growth is further accelerated in a work environment that offers the freedom to try new ideas, to fail and try again, and to learn from experience.
  • Dealing with Emergencies, page 3:  When a crisis occurs, minimize lost time by following these helpful suggestions.
  •  Engaging in Efficient Procedures, page 4:   As you look for ways to save time through efficient procedures, consider following these four major steps.
  • Visualize Achievement of Your Goals, page 5:  When you free your imagination and visualize your goals with concentrated energy you will begin to see some startling results.
  • Demonstrate Effective Leadership Skills, page 6:  Effective leaders manage the work environment, delegate authority, and encourage others by creating a sense of shared responsibility.
  • Change Productivity with Feedback, page7:  Feedback has a greater impact on productivity when these principles are observed.

December Journal