January 2013 LMI Journal

The January issue includes the following articles:

  • Unlock the Secrets to Success, pages 1-2:  Consider these time use practices that affect productivity and see how attitudes are involved.
  • Follow Your Dreams to Succeed, page 3:  Goal setting is the most powerful action you can take to improve your personal productivity.
  • Understanding Behaviors of Others, page 4:   Follow these principles to help you become more sensitive to defensiveness and turn it into cooperation.
  • Think and Act Wisely in Stressful Times, page 5:  Practical guidelines to follow when dealing with complaints among team members.
  • Reduce Stress by Planning and Prioritizing, page 6:  A system for handling stress can transform many problems into automatic procedures.
  • Commit to Making Good Decisions, page 7:  Six basic steps that will help lead you to better decision-making skills.

January Journal