July 2013 LMI Journal

The July issue of the LMI Journal includes the following articles:

  • Master Goal Setting to Be Successful, pages 1-2:  Goal setting is the most powerful action you can take to improve your personal productivity.
  • Building Trust and Respect, page 3:  Working in a climate of trust reduces stress and enables energy to be used more constructively. 
  • Keeping Track of Your Performance, page 4:   For the best possible results, follow these simple guidelines as you provide feedback on performance to employees .
  • Create an Atmosphere for Success, page 5:  Understanding the reasoning behind certain actions can help you deal more effectively with behavioral problems.
  • Prepare for Achieving Your Goals, page 6:  Anticipating unexpected problems and planning for their solution is an integral part of the goal setting process.
  • Pursue Goals with Power of Visualization, page 7:  The importance of visualization in goal setting is its effectiveness in enhancing your ability to achieve.

July Journal