November 2013 LMI Journal

The November issue includes the following articles:

• Encouraging Your Employees to Excel, pages 1-2: Leaders who want passion, trust, commitment, and loyalty from team members must first develop these values in themselves.
• Invest in Improving Skills, page 3: A work environment that encourages learning is essential for continuous improvement.
• Determine the Direction to Success, page 4: One of the primary characteristics of all high-performance teams is a clear and shared commitment to the vision for the future.
• Design Your Own Leadership Journey, page 5: Development of your leadership ability enables you to achieve personal and professional goals.
• Empower Others to Take Action to Succeed, page 6: Learn to identify the many tangible and intangible benefits of empowerment.
• Exhibit Trust in Your Team Members, page 7: Trust is the combination or convergence of these three separate beliefs.

November LMI Journal