Facilitation Services

Committed to Your Leadership


The Management Connection, Inc. provides professional facilitation services that can be customized to meet the individual needs of any organization. The services we provide include:



• Vision, Mission Development
• Policy Development
• Strategic Planning
• Goal Setting/Prioritization
• Relational Expectations Framework
• Internal/External Conflict Facilitation
• Executive Staff Expectations/Evaluation
• Role of Elected/Appointed Officials

Executive Teams
• Organizational Needs Assessment
• Organizational Development Planning Process
• Executive Team Development
• Personal Leadership Development
• Productivity Planning/Goal Setting
• Personality and Leadership Profile
• Custom Succession Planning

Staff & Individuals
• Management/Supervisory Development
• Team Development
• Applied Customer Service
• Effective Communication
• Personal Productivity
• Planning/Goal Setting
• Personality and Productivity Profile
• Wide Range of Assessments
• Topic Processes

Leadership Right Fit
• Organization Blueprint for Effective Match
• Assessments
• Customized Hiring Process Design and Execution

Round Table Facilitation
• Round Table Discussions
• Discuss Preemptive Subjects in Groups
• Come Up with Strategies to Move Forward
• Produce Good Results

Great Exchange on the Road
• We will be coming to you and facilitate discussions

Over the years we have learned that many organizations could use some time away from the confines of their everyday office to really have the opportunity to explore their value as a team. It is our privilege to offer our offices to clients or groups who need that perfect space for their growth opportunity. We proudly offer our space and our time to help your team succeed, just the way you need it. Some of the many types of retreats we host are:

  • Personal Leadership
  • Strategic Planning
  • Discussion of Specific Issues or Challenges Facing the Organization
  • Team Building
  • Problem Solving
  • Development of Annual Goals and Objectives
  • Orienting New Members

Being away from the normal workplace creates an environment that is more conducive to teamwork, creative thinking, and consensus building. We would love to welcome your organization or group into our home for your next occasion.